Quiz // How well do you know your world?

Dear Participants, On the 22th of April we have launched The Impactor, which is a platform dedicated to reporting on how the Windesheim Community and the Zwolle area are at large work towards achieving the Global Goals, set for 2030. These goals were agreed upon by world leaders to ensure a better world. In the […]

Their nights in a foreign country

by Wanzhen Li Wu Zhiyuan, From Korea to China At 16:05 pm on May 10th, the international business law course for international students has been going on for one hour. These students are scattered, but the distribution is very regular. They consistently avoided the seats in the front and middle groups. In order to break […]

climate change

Fight against climate change: start from small beginnings

Swedish footballers with inspirational jerseis for the international women’s day

Does gender inequality have an end in football?

by Adrià Solé  Many a time, we have seen spectacular goals or football players as trending topics on Twitter. However, usually these trending players are male players not female players. On May 21st this stereotype was shattered when Eva Navarro, an under 17 female footballer, became a trending topic for several hours due to her goal.


The plight of Chinese milk powder – Overseas milk powder purchase business


How to change the world while earning money

by Laura Revnic Everyone wants to change the world somehow. No matter who you ask, anyone has at least a desire for a better world, if not an idea of what can be done in order to live a more sustainable life. Despite the fact that climate change is greatly worsening our lives and data […]


Social, moral and economic differences between men and women. Can The Netherlands learn something from Spain? And, conversely?

by Sara Cid See if you can solve this riddle: a father and a son travel by car. They have a serious accident; the father dies and the son is taken to the hospital because he needs a complex emergency operation.


To Take Beer As Life : Never Best, Just Better

by Haowen Qi After arriving at his factory at 7:10, Focke Hettinga prepares himself a cup of black coffee with nothing, turns on that old radio to play music for around 1 hour and gets ready to brew, bottle and label his Hettinga beer for the whole workday.


Food supply chain transparency: the “adventures” of our food

Shelter City Bike Challenge

Audio // Ride For Right : to Fight for everyone’s Human Right


Bag against poverty – the sustainable way

by Laura Revnic Extreme poverty has declined significantly over the last two decades. More than 1 billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty since 1990, the percentage having dropped to 8% in 2018. However, it is still a pressing issue around the world, as there are still billions of people that have to make a […]


VDL & DAF announce their first electronic and environmentally friendly truck

World Press Photo 2018

World Press Photo in Zwolle

Human rights in the Netherlands

Shelter City Bike Challenge: Together for Resilient Defenders

by Wanzhen Li and Biling Yu Every morning you can go to school after enjoying a breakfast. You are free to express your views in class every day; after class. You can choose to go for sports or hang out with friends. At night, you don’t have to worry about not having a place to sleep…


Small steps DO matter: How do citizens in the Netherlands fight against flood?

The Hague: No flooding risk


Climate change is greatly worsening the threat of flooding in Europe

by Laura Revnic, Wanzhen Li and Adrià Solé The Netherlands is one of the countries most renowned for its success in coping with rising water and subsiding land as one third of the country is below sea level.


Gender inequalities in sports


4 daily behaviors to end poverty

by Wanzhen Li Most of us lead a life without paying too much attention to how to get food and where to sleep. However, many people around us are still suffering from a lack of basic living conditions.

Best version of yourself // Motivational Video

by Sara Cid Tired of the usual? Do you think your life is becoming a routine?

Video // DutchFiets

by Maria Prosviryakova, Sara Cid and Adrià Solé Are reciclable bikes really posible? Would you pay a 1.000 euros for it? Just pay attention to this video and enjoy the bicycle field revolution.


Audio // The Community Fridge: what can the young generation do to reduce food waste


King’s day – helping the environment

by Wanzhen Li and Laura Revnic April 27th marks the biggest celebration in the Netherlands, the birthday of the king Willem-Alexander.


Tips for the weekend: King’s Day


What’s going on?

by Maria Prosviryakova There is a list of solutions already been made towards achieving global goals. We all love promising ideas and approaches which work for sure, right? Have a look and gain some inspiration for the upcoming week!